Medguys is a professional, highly skilled team who provide a unique executive medical solution to events portfolios, including Executive Medical Services, Event Medical Services, Event Legal compliance, Event Safety and Security, First Aid Training, First Aid Kits and Medical Consumables purchases.

Medguys started in January of 2017 with an undertaking to provide activation teams who have extensive knowledge and understanding of events.

Medguys is able through the correct event planning ensure the safety of attendees at events. Up to date knowledge in the supply of the correct medical personal with high levels of training is important when delivering a professional service, the management team at Medguys has 23 years’ experience in the delivery of a portfolio of effective solutions.

Post activation analysis is conducted by Medguys and formal feedback given to the client and the attending staff, thereby ensuring professional relationship building for all parties involved. Industry norms and regulations govern the management of Events. Our team is well versed with these protocols and ensures all regulations are incorporated in the preparation of an activation.

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