1How do I request a medic?
Email your type of event and a brief description to along with your contact details.
2Do I need a medical operational plan for my event?
All events require a medical operational plan, it is a legal obligation and forms part of the Safety File for submission to JOC (Joint Operations Centre).
3Do I need a safety officer for my event?
A safety officer is preferred and will be able to provide you with guidance from a legal perspective.
4What is a paramedic?
A paramedic is registered with the HPCSA (Health Professional Counsel of South Africa) and is known as a Critical Care Assistant commonly known as a CCA.
5What is a medic?
A Medic can be an ILS (Intermediate Life Support) or BLS (Basic Life Support). Both are registered with the HPCSA (Health Professional Counsel of South Africa)
6What medical equipment should an ambulance have in it?
There are various options that are used, the most common one is an ILS Ambulance. The contents and equipment in the ambulance must comply with the Department of Health, and the Medical protocols of the staff that are on duty in the ambulance. Contact for more information.
7What medical equipment should a medical response can have in it?
The most common one is an ALS RIV. The contents and equipment in the RIV must comply with the Department of Health and the Medical protocols of the staff that are on duty in the RIV. Contact for more information
8Can I use First aiders at my event?
- First Aiders are perfect for a low risk event such as Rugby. It is advisable to have a medic registered with the HPCSA to support the first aider when treating patients.
9Can I be guaranteed a ambulance when I call one?
An ambulance provider cannot guarantee you their ambulance, but they can guarantee the management of your emergency. This is dependent on operational pressures at the time of your emergency
10Who do I phone in an emergency?
A short telephone number is preferable. In South Africa there are 2 available nationally, ER24 084 124 or Netcare 911 082 911
11How do I contact the Poison information line?
Medguys has a reliable poison line contact which is answered 24 hours per day 0861 555 777. This is manned by the Tygerburg hospital in Cape Town and the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town.
12Does Medguys provide First Aid Training?
Yes Medguys provides a varied selection of First Aid training. Please contact Alan on email for a training solution
13What first aid kits can Medguys provide?
A varied selection of first aid kits are available and can be prepared specifically for your First Aid needs. Contact Alan on email
14Can Medguys provide Medical Consumables and equipment?
Medguys is able to provide a vast selection of medical consumables. Orders may be placed on the Medguys website
15What legal compliance must my on site- ambulance and staff have?
All ambulances needs to be registed with the Department of Health and licensed with the local licencing authority to carry patients, audible sirens and emergency lighting.
16What is the minimum staff requirement for an event?
Every event is different, Medguys can help with the correct selection Medical resources are based on the Sports and Recreation Act of 2010 and compliance with the SANS 10366 National Health Act,2003 (ACT No.61 of 2003) - Regulations Relating to Emergency Care at Mass Gathering Events.
17How does Medguys operate nationally?
Medguys has a selection of EMS (Emergency Medical Services) providers nationally, and they are available 24 hours a day 365 per year waiting for your call.
18What's Medguys footprint?
Medguys footprint is primarily in South Africa and countries that border South Africa, and through an international affiliation with a select team of services providers
19Can an Ambulance service provide medical care cross border?
Yes, they can when transporting a patient to a medical facility. For any other reason, work permits are required in the majority of African countries
20Do medical staff need a work permit to work cross border?
Yes, all medical practitioners are required to have a work permit when working outside of South Africa
21What medical resources can Medguys provide for international guests?
Medguys can provide Doctors, Paramedics and Nurses locally and internationally.
22Can Medguys provide a risk assessment for my event?
Medguys can provide risk assessments pre event activation. A quotation can be obtained based on information received on email
23What should I do with expired medical consumables?
Medguys can assist with expired First Aid consumables (Fee for Services) and assist with the repurchase at a discounted cost. Keeping old or expired consumables out of our landfills is imperative.
24Can Medguys inspect my first aid kits?
Medguys can conduct a First Aid Audits on all First Aid Kits. The only cost to the Client is for the replacement of the consumables used and/ or expired. We also recover our travel costs.
25What other medical related requests can Medguys provide?
Please contact Medguys for any other medical related enquiries.
26Can Medguys provide medical resources internationally
Medguys can provide medical staff internationally with the support of the Medguys international medical resources affiliations